Moving Forward

The Neighbors of the Mississippi are working to gain support for approval by the Congress of the United States to an all inclusive Upper Mississippi River comprehensive study. This study would provide information regarding the current flows and impact of the Mississippi River, including all tributaries included in the Upper Mississippi Region and all states and stakeholders affected. This study would result in a desirable blueprint for development of an equitable comprehensive river management plan, including but not limited to, future development of dams and other infrastructure, commercial and recreational boat traffic, river cities protection, levee protection, equal share in retention basins, etc.

Members and citizens of Pike, Lincoln, and St. Charles counties will continue to work towards attaining this goal through communication with state and US government officials to promote this study. In addition, reach out to stakeholders, individuals, organizations and other interests in other regions of Missouri and other states located in the Upper Mississippi River Region to promote the plan and gain support.

Based on this goal, members will work to defeat any river management plan that is limited in scope and only serves a selected few instead of including and benefiting the whole region. These limited plans are generally fragmented, singular in scope only benefiting an individual group and have grave potential to continue to cause adverse impact on adjoining neighbors.

Neighbors of the Mississippi are seeking to increase membership of interested citizens. Please consider joining our cause as we work towards increasing the value of life and lifestyles in our counties by protecting our resources. Your support is greatly needed.

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