St. Charles County

Situated between the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, the potential for great floods is ever present in St. Charles County. Most of the flooding suffered by the County is produced by these two rivers, however, floodplains are also found along the Cuivre River, Dardenne, Peruque, Femme Osage and Belleau creeks.

Approximately 242 square miles, or 43% of the total land surface area of the county is subject to flooding. Approximately 70 percent of the county drains into the Mississippi River, with the remaining southern 30 percent of the county draining into the Missouri River.

The population of St. Charles County has increased from 144,107 people in 1980 to June of 2008 population of 343,952. St. Charles County is the fourth most populated and the fastest growing county (in population growth) in the state of Missouri. There are seventeen incorporated communities within St. Charles County. These communities vary in population from City of O'Fallon with 79,3297 to the town of Weldon Springs with 91.

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Protecting Our Resource: St. Charles County's Strategy for Floodplain Management