Levee Districts

PIke Grain Company Levee:2510.72
Levee 1 - 2.05
Levee 2 - 2.28
Levee 3 - 1.22
Levee 4 - 5.17
Kissinger30 6.81
Annada30 6.25
Kings Lake1412.00
Sandy Creek14 3.00
Foley18 3.00
Cap Au Gris14 2.00
Winfield Pin Oaks16 3.50
Winfield Main Levee16 2.00
Brevator14 4.00
Consolidated North County2020.00
Non-federal levees on Mississippi in Pike, Lincoln and St. Charles Counties82.00
St. Peters, 10 yr;
Old Town St. Peters, 100 yr.
Elm Point, 25 yr.
Murdoch (Pike) 300 yr.
not on Mississippi River
Non-protected areas with dwellingsSource of information:
Pike (conservative) 250 dwellingsAl Murry, Pike County Emergency Mgmt.
Lincoln (estimate) 500 dwellingsJerry Daugherty, Lincoln County Emergency Mgmt.
St. Charles in Mississippi Valley 700 dwellingsEllie Marr, Comm. Development, St. Charles County

Source of information for the above listed levees: USACE St. Louis District Map, Andy Burkemper, Stan Rolf, Dale Hahn, Brian Wehde, and Rob Jungerman.

Twenty-two (22) percent of Lincoln County is in a floodplain. (Information - Jerry Daugherty)

South Louisiana, South Clarksville and Pike County Roads Pike 202 and Pike 9203 (80 to 85 dwellings on these two roads) have no protection from the river. (Information - Al Murry)

Twenty miles of land along the river in St. Charles County is not protected by levees. There is no protection for North County Levee District of St. Charles County adjacent to Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. The Missouri River side is federal funded and the Mississippi River side is non-federal funded.

The levee district proctects 35,408 acres, of which two-thirds is primarily agriculture land. (Source of information - Ellie Marr, St. Charles County and Jerry Daughtery, Lincoln County, Mo.)