Levee Issues

Plan H Reintroduced

A member of the Board of Directors of UMIMRA reintroduced Plan H map to members of the Mississippi River Commission during their public meeting held April 16, 2018 at New Madrid, MO.

Unauthorized Levee Heights

The Rock Island Corps of Engineers surveyed the Mississippi River from Muscatine, Iowa to the southern border of the Sny Levee and Drainage District for a total of 200 miles. They found 80 miles of levees to be 3 to 4 feet above their authorized heights. Download UMR Levee Elevations (5-10-17) Report

There are ten systems in seven districts that have systemic unauthorized heights, which means two to four feet above authorized levee heights. They are, as follows:

Five in Illinois - Three in Missouri - Two in Iowa


Sny Island Drainage and Levee District
Reach 1
Reach 2
Reach 3

Henderson County Drainage District


Green Bay Levee and Drainage District No.2
Two Rivers Levee and Drainage District - Lower


Fabius River Drainage District
Marion County Drainage District
South River Drainage District

The above districts employ the same engineering firm.

Four of these districts have members serving on UMIMRA Board of Directors.

Jim Koeller - Sny Island Drainage and Levee District
Vicki Stoller - Two-Rivers Levee and Drainage District
Roger Sutter - Fabius River Drainage District
Brent Hoerr - Marion County Drainage District
The engineer for the districts serves as Chairman of UMIMRA